Elizabeth Colorado roofing companySpruce Up Roofing is a dependable, local, professional roofing company serving Elizabeth Colorado and nearby areas with roofing repairs and new roofing.
We’ve helped home owners fix and repair their homes suffering from hail damage from the notorious Colorado storms that regularly pound the area in the summer.

We Fix Roofs, Windows, Gutters and Siding!

Importantly, we can repair windows and siding which often gets damaged by hail storms and strong winds because we’re not just a roofing company we are a building
contractor too, so we do it all! We do roofing repairs for homes, businesses and large commercial buildings in Elizabeth, Franktown, Castle Rock and Parker, Colorado.

We also offer fast turnarounds on our roofing jobs.
A typical home can get their roof completely torn off and replaced with a brand new roof in under 24 hours
when you work with our company. That is because we have an experience team that knows what they’re doing. Many of our competitors take 3 or more days to do
the same work and of course there are the fly-by-night, out-of-state roofing companies that you should RUN from.

We’re a local Roofing Company based in Franktown, Colorado so we’re just a few miles away from Elizabeth, Colorado.

We have impeccable references and work ethic so we invite you to contact us when you need help with your roof.