Expert Roofing and Construction Services
Spruce Up Roofing & Construction is a multi-dimensional Colorado construction company that is designed to fit all your residential needs. Beyond residential and commercial roofing, Spruce Up Roofing & Construction also features a variety of services including:

Hail Damage and Storm Damage Experts

Unfortuneately, Colorado is famous for winter storms, hail storms, winter storms and even high winds brought by tornados. When your home or business has been badly damaged by a storm, you need expert help and you need it fast. When your storm is damaged by a hailstorm, quite often your windows, skylights and siding are also likely to be damaged. We can help with it all, because we are both roofing experts and building contractors. Spruce Up Roofing and Construction is your one-stop-shop for storm damage on the Colorado front range.

Is Your Roof Leaking?

Whether you have a worn out roof or your roof was subjected to severe weather conditions including hail or wind damage, Spruce Up Roofing & Construction can fix the problem, ensure your safety, and increase the life of your roof. With a variety of roof repair services, we will be sure to tackle the problem accurately.

Have a leak that seems to pop up after every storm? While it’s definitely a nuisance, it may be a sign of greater damage on your roof. Our experts can quickly and effectively provide leak repairs and inspect for other potential roof risks.

Do you have clogged gutters or leaking skylights? Handling these issues on your own can actually prove to be quite dangerous, thus it is best left to the professionals. Spruce Up Roofing & Construction can quickly handle all gutter/skylight repairs, regardless of day or time of your call.

Are you looking to replace your window system with more efficient window options? Spruce Up Roofing & Construction offers professional window replacement for both commercial and residential buildings.

Has the integrity of your roofing system been jeopardized by weather issues, such as hail, wind, tornadoes, snow or sun? Your roof is designed to protect you from the elements, but what happens when the weather elements get the better of your roof? Spruce Up Roofing & Construction offers insurance consulting services to help you file a claim and get your roof back in proper working order. We can bring your roof back up to current code standards.

If your home has incurred damages and requires repairs, it may be advantageous to have a HAAG inspector onsite to oversee restoration, document the loss, generate the measure of damages, obtain contractor-agreed pricing, determine necessary experts and provide timely reports. Spruce Up Roofing & Construction offers HAAG inspectors to help you restore your damages and move forward.

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