Installation Warranty

Spruce Up Roofing and Construction provides one of the best warranties in the industry. Most Colorado roofing companies will provide a three year installation warranty. Spruce Up Roofing and Construction provides a five year installation warranty for all residential roofing projects and a three year warranty for all commercial projects. And to be clear, an installation warranty means that if over the warranty period, there are any defects such as leaking or any issues related to any installation errors, Spruce Up Roofing and Construction will repair those issues free of charge over the warranty period. That includes materials, labor, inspection, trip fees etc. You will not be charged for anything if the issue is found to be our mistake.

As important as the warranty, is the response time, Spruce Up Construction will respond to any warranty issue on sight within 48 hours of notification of any issue of concern by our customers. Weather permitting we will resolve all issues, no questions asked within the warranty period.

Mr. Joe Todor, the owner has even had calls after the warranty period and responded, as a curtesy to our customers as if the warranty was still in effect.

As with any warranty there are limitations due to catastrophic events such as hail, wind, tornado, flood and acts of god that even Spruce Up cannot cover, but if that happens to you, Spruce Up Roofing will be there to help you thru the claim process with your home owners insurance company and insure that you are treated with respect and are compensated fairly by your carrier.

Please note: This warranty effective from February 22, 2016.

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